Easter Update

Today we made food boxes!

Enough to serve 95 people.

Also made gift bags with art baggies, candy, books & bunnies.

Then delivered them to our precious kids & families.

Great day! Thanks to our supporters & volunteers!


Debra & Rachel

Happy Thanksgiving!

Yesterday, while delivering food baskets financed by our generous sponsors, we stopped at the house where “Al” lives.  Al comes to tutoring during the school year as well as summer camp.  He is one of the sweetest, best-mannered, lovable nine-year-olds you will ever meet.  Al lives with his “godmother” Ruth because his mom is incapable of caring for him.

As we delivered their food basket, Ruth overflowed with thanks and praise for all Jesus Project and Apple Street Learning Center have meant to her and Al.  She thanked us for the tutoring, the snacks, the nightly take-home sandwiches and the help with school projects.  She recalled how much Al enjoyed summer camp and all he learned there.

I wish you could have heard Ruth’s words firsthand.  Her gratitude was over-the-top.  It is truly your generous support that makes this possible.  Al and Ms. Ruth are just an example of the children and families you have helped this year through your generosity:

  •  83 students have been tutored in the past three months
  • 105 children came to the free summer camp
  • 350 children received the backpacks and school supplies they needed
  • 43 families – which is well over 200 people received all of the fixins they need for a Thanksgiving dinner
  • 200 people had a beautiful time at the Cajun Thanksgiving last Saturday
  • 5000 of healthy snacks for the summer camp and after-school program
  • 12 JSTEP teenagers learned how to lead and the value of money by money provided for stipends for their summer Junior Internship program

 Thanksgiving is a time to reflect, in gratitude, for those who make a difference in our lives. So we thank you and wish you and your loved ones a very happy Thanksgiving.


Debra, Rachel, and Sarah

Cajun Thanksgiving 2018

Check Out Pictures from This Years Cajun Thanksgiving!

I am sitting here reflecting on the past 13 years and the Cajun Thanksgiving event.  Every year since 2005, we have been joined by a small dedicated group of senior citizens from Hollygrove who help cook an amazing meal  to help the community.

This year our hearts are in turmoil as we pray for our friend Bob Quiette. Tomorrow will be the first time in 14 years that we will fire up the turkey fryers without Bob overseeing them, or without his wife Charlotte stirring the gumbo pot.  Bob was returned to the ICU unit  again today.  He has been battling illness most of this year.  We would sincerely appreciate it if you would take a few moments and pray for Bob and Charlotte. They have been the anchor of this event since its inception, and have worked so hard each year to make this a special day for the community.

We spent the day today prepping the turkeys.   We certainly missed Bob.  He has spearheaded this process each year.  The experts always make things look easy. We struggled today without him. Tomorrow we will feed hundreds of our neighbors.  At least 25 families will go home with a food box full of the food they need to feed their family a delicious Thanksgiving meal.

Every year when I sit down with my family and friends on Thanksgiving, I take comfort knowing the people around me are not going hungry.  If you are able to help provide a family with a Thanksgiving food box please click the link below.  Forty-five dollars will feed an entire family, but any amount will help.

Thanks so much for praying for Bob.  We will keep you informed about how he is doing.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Rachel and Debra