The JPM Internship Program provides ministry training and experience in an urban setting. The program is designed for those what are committed disciples of Christ desiring to serve and learn in a hands-on environment. College aged and High School Interns will have four primary areas of development: Spiritual, Personal, Leadership & Ministry.

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College Internship

College aged interns can choose to serve for the full session ( 11 weeks Option #1) or half-sessions (5 weeks options #1 or option #2)  during the summer. College Interns must be at least 18 years old and have been out of high school at least one year.

Option #1: Full Session: May 25 – August 3rd (11 weeks)

Option #2: Half Session 1 : May 25 – June 29th (5 weeks)

Option #3: Half Session 2:  June 28 – August 3  (5 weeks)

Cost: The internship is NOT a paid position.  We suggest you raise the following for food and personal use.

Option #1 (11 weeks):  Between $1100 to $1500

Option #2 and #3 (5 weeks):  Between $550 – $750.

Housing & Meals: Interns will be housed in JPM Intern Housing. JPM will provide lunch for interns during times of ministry.  Interns must raise funds for all other meals and any other personal use .

Applications Due: March 15th  Apply Now!

Download APPLICATION HERE:  2019 Summer Internship Application

High School Internship

High School interns will serve for 3 weeks during one of the summer sessions. High School interns must be entering their junior or senior year of high school and be at least 17 years old.

Session 1: June 1- June 22

Session 2: July 13- Aug 3

Cost: The cost for the HS Internship is $300 (does not include travel to and from NOLA). All money must be raised before arrival in NOLA.

Housing & Meals:  Students will be housed in JPM Intern Housing.  JPM will provide lunch for interns during times of ministry. The Internship cost will cover other meals.

Applications Due: March 15th   Apply Now!

Download APPLICATION HERE:  2019 Summer HS Internship Application


Middle School students who are already part of the JPM program must be 13 – 16 years old will train and serve during the June and July session, as well as Fall/Spring.