Food4Families: Weekend Deliveries (140 Lunches & Food for 130!)

Wow! What a great day visiting & serving our kids & families!

We delivered food boxes, that included milk, cereal, fresh vegetables & fruit & more!

Our food boxes will feed 130 people!

We also distributed 140 sandwich bags from Second Harvest.

Everyone is so thankful, especially the kids!

Thank you to those who contribute to our Food 4 Families program.

You are making a difference!


Debra and Rachel

A Quick Story:

Yesterday, I stopped by to bring a family their food basket. Whenever I knock on the door, one little boy, who I just love, is standing at the door in his diaper. Every time I stop by with a basket he asks “Do you have food?!”. This time was no exception. As I reached the doorstep he asks, “Do you have food?!”. I said, ya come on out. I hand him a batch of bananas, and then he sees bread and the first thing he says is “can I have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich”. Luckily, we had both peanut butter and jelly! Unable to contain his excitement, he wanted to know if he could open the bananas immediately and I am just thinking,

“Oh man, I love what I do, I love what I do.’

This is what we do at JPM, we provide food for families. That’s a big part of what we are doing right now. Feeding kids and feeding families.

We will continue to do so for weeks and weeks to come.

Debra JPM APRIL UPDATE 4/30/2020