We love you – can we help in any way?

Rachel, Sarah, Ivory, Alexander, and I are so grateful for the opportunities we have had to meet, work, minister and just get to know you.  We want to tell you that we love you, and we love that we will be able to continue to work together to help the people in Hollygrove.  

Jesus Project Ministries was birthed out of the devastation of hurricane Katrina, a time of such great uncertainty and turmoil. The current emergency caused by the virus can’t help but bring up some of the same emotions we had during that season. 

We hope that we can encourage you and emphasize some lessons learned from experiences we had during that disaster and the recovery. Although we realize this is a completely different situation, some things will be the same. The number one thing is that we are all in this together and that will strengthen us all.  Some days we may be angry or fearful, we might have to separate from family or friends, and changes will be continuous.  These all are such stressful and difficult realities. After Katrina, it seemed that nothing would ever be okay again. But we saw so many amazing miracles and we met so many lovely people.  Those days give us hope, courage, and peace for today.  

Perhaps you think it is too early to think and write in a hopeful manner.  During the early stages of the disaster recovery, it was difficult to see people laughing and smiling, but it soon became evident that the journey was going to be long. Living in the peace and the joy of the Lord was essential then and it is essential today. God wants to help us, to comfort and protect each one of us.  We are praying for the peace and joy of the Lord to surround you.

Today the mayor of New Orleans announced that we currently have 418 cases of the COVID19 in New Orleans. She said, “At this time it is absolutely critical that we avoid close contact with others.”  For this reason, we feel it is best to temporarily suspend our programs in Hollygrove for the next 12 to 14 days.  Our community is in such great need right now, and we want to be there for them, but waiting is THE best help for now. 

During this time we are available to you to talk or pray with you.  Please feel free to email, text or call.  If you need our help, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. 

We love you and appreciate you.  If you are able to continue financially supporting our work to the community, we would be so grateful.

Yes, I want to help!

We look forward to talking to you.



PS: Please read and reread Psalms 91.